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Accuracy: what we deliver

Accurate information is information you can trust. As investigators, we think of ourselves as crafts-people and as such, attention to detail and care are important.

Technology enhanced by people

We are proud of the technical sophistication of our surveillance equipment. However, at the heart of every investigation it is our people that make the difference. They use their experience and technical knowledge to determine the best techniques and technology for gathering and delivering accurate information and useable evidence.

Attention to detail

Accurate information must be thorough. Whether conducting comprehensive background checks or interviews and inquiries, the skilled professionals of Quinn Investigations dig deep.


Information must be relevant and informed. Our investigators bring with them many years of specialized business and/or technical experience. They understand what is important—and what is not. That helps to reduce the clutter of extraneous information, giving our clients the real information they need in terms they understand.

Intelligent reports

Our reporting has a reputation for being useful, thorough and clear. Each comprehensive and focused report is accompanied by video and photographic documentation to ensure clients have all the facts and evidence necessary for legal resolution or courtroom testimony.

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