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Reliability: our service philosophy

Reliability means professional, customer-centred service. Quinn Investigations has created a team of carefully selected experts who work to high industry standards.

Professionals at your service

As investigative professionals, team members continually upgrade their knowledge and skills to ensure the continued delivery of quality information and evidence to clients. Rely on Quinn Investigations to get the job done. Our investigators have a spotless record, with no litigation against the company.

Legal and ethical conduct

Quinn Investigations is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and the Council of Private Investigators of Ontario (CPIO). As a member of CPIO, Quinn Investigations follows its Code of Privacy. This means we respect the sensitive nature of personal information and carefully respect the letter and the spirit of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).


Discreet surveillance is a key skill for delivering information clients need. When the subject of an investigation becomes aware of surveillance, continued surveillance is meaningless and the opportunity to get needed evidence or information may be lost. Quinn Investigations prides itself on a high degree of success in surveillance.

Results matter

Whether it involves surveillance, undercover investigation, fraud investigation, interviewing, fact-checking or online tracing, Quinn Investigations has a solid reputation for delivering the answers.

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