About Quinn Investigations

Quinn Investigations—
based in Ontario, Canada

Quinn Investigations is a quality private investigation team based in Ontario, Canada. We provide services throughout Canada and globally through our international network of accomplished investigators.

Our service philosophy can be summarized in three words: reliability, accuracy and timeliness.


Quinn Investigations has an exceptional team of investigators who operate at the highest calibre of industry standards with proven consistency and professionalism.


Attention to detail, advanced operating systems, intuition honed over years of experience, and discipline for exceeding expectations are core values of Quinn Investigations that result in quality investigations and reporting.


We consistently deliver efficient reports on time and within budget. Our expertise provides busy professionals and concerned citizens with timely information to help solve issues quickly and professionally.


Experienced Professionals

We have set the standard for quality private investigation services for over 30 years. Our extensive industry experience guarantees quality investigations and investigative reports. The quality of work that Quinn Investigations upholds is what has allowed our clients to trust us with their investigative needs for several decades.

Legal and Ethical Conduct​

Quinn Investigations is a proud member of the Council of Private Investigators of Ontario (CPIO) and the Council of International Investigators (CII). In accordance with their membership, Quinn Investigations follows the Code of Privacy outlined by CPIO for all investigations. Privacy and discretion matter, which is why we respect the sensitive nature of personal information and adhere to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). 

Precision and Results

Discreet surveillance and information gathering are key components of our practice. Beyond our commitment to discretion, we pride ourselves in our ability to conduct precise surveillance and translate our findings into accurate, unbiased reports. It is our mission to equip our valued clients with clear and reliable findings from our services.



We are very proud of our team of dedicated, highly experienced professionals who thrive on a job well done. As a team, Quinn Investigations employs proven techniques for gathering and delivering accurate information and courtready evidence.

Attention to Detail​

Whether providing comprehensive background checks, interviews/inquiries, or surveillance, our skilled team at Quinn Investigations can be relied upon to deliver detailed, accurate, and court-ready reports.

Intelligent Reports​

Our reports have the reputation for being thorough and concise. Each report is accompanied by video and photographic documentation to ensure clients have the facts and evidence necessary for peace of mind, legal resolution, and/or courtroom testimony.


Anywhere, Anytime​

Through our network of contacts and affiliates, Quinn Investigations provides comprehensive services 24-hours a day, seven days a week, with local, regional, national and international coverage. We individually tailor our services to meet the time service needs of every client.


Our clients appreciate the customization Quinn Investigations offers, with no one size fits all solution. We are in regular contact with our clients during active investigations to ensure our best effort is provided to meet the needs of their situation. 

The Bottom Line​

Quinn Investigations works in partnership with clients throughout the investigative process. We ensure budgetary & time constraints are met while providing exceptional investigative expertise. Our work ethic has earned us the long-term trust of successful insurance companies, corporations, individuals and law firms.