Quinn Investigations—a highly regarded investigation firm

Our primary services include:

Surveillance Teams​

Our experienced and diligent private investigators work in single and multi-teams. Our expertise, technology, and team based approach enables us to provide you with the information needed to make an informed decision. 

Undercover Investigation​

Whether it is inventory, capital, personnel or intellectual property, our private investigators provide valuable insight and the documentation you need to protect your valuable assets.

Due Diligence​

Due diligence investigation probes deeply into the history of a business, property, individual, or other subjects. An investigation can uncover any illegal or improper activities related to bankruptcy, foreclosure, criminal records, credit history, etc.

Background Checks

We are licensed private investigators specializing in finding people, quickly and cost effectively. We have access to data, sources and other specialists that allow us to get you the result you want; not excuses.

Witness Interviews and Statement Taking​

Our skilled, seasoned investigators conduct professional interviews to properly document the incident and determine the Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

International Investigations​

Quinn Investigations has a network of expert investigators across the globe, covering more than 60 different investigation descriptions. We set the standard in world coverage with 400 like-minded investigators in over 70 countries they can assist in your investigation needs.

Quinn is your investigation partner for:

> Fraudulent insurance claims

> Divorce/Personal/Family Investigations

> Workplace Investigations

> Contestable death claims

> Accidental death investigations

> Expert testimony

> Missing person inquires and recovery

> Loss prevention